What's Class like?

Through accessible instruction class members can learn the anatomical and exercise knowledge to take control of their post-treatment healing and become as active as possible:
  1. Class begins with an easy breath-based warm-up and stretching—safely increasing the range of movement in the arms and legs. 
  2. Next, explore breathing and movement exercises that are specially designed to reduce swelling (lymphedema).
  3. Then, reduce fatigue by dancing actively to upbeat music.
  4. Work up a sweat and awaken and enliven bodies and spirits instilled with whimsy.
  5. Build strength using weights and therabands or one's own body weight.
  6. Some sequences challenge the brain - helping to fight the effects of mental fog and confusion.
  7. Each session comes to a close with a relaxing stretching sequence and an community dialogue about new feelings and resources.
  8. Every class member receives personalized instruction and is guided to build greater awareness of, respect for, and control of all part of the body (helping body image and self-respect).
  9. Upbeat music and free movement serves as an antidote to depression, doing so with others counteracts isolation.

About the Program designer

Dr. Eddy designs internationally acclaimed exercise and dance programs for specialized health needs. She is a recognized leader & published author in movement science, dance education, fitness, & somatic education - body-mind awareness. She integrates her expertise from Teachers College Columbia University as an exercise physiologist with her years of teaching with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, OT and Irmgard Bartenieff, PT. She is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) practicing Dynamic Embodiment, an approach to movement therapy that she created in 1991 and is affiliated with her work at SUNY-Empire State College. Her BA is in Dance Education from Hamsphire College, and her masters and doctorate is from Columbia University in Movement Science and Education. Among her programs are others for children: Eye Openers DVD focuses on Attention Issues, Peaceful Play Programming on Anti-Bullying and Violence Prevention, and Relax to Focus on neuro-motor interventions for children with special needs. She is currently developing neuromotor assessment for schools, and applying her expertise to programming for children on the austism spectrum. She lectures internationally & has a private practice in NYC. She developed Moving For Life DanceExercise for Cancer Survivors in 1999 after her mom passed from cancer. MFL is a scientifically based self-caring fitness workout especially designed for cancer patients, combining a gentle warm-up, easy yoga, light aerobics, and targeted strengthening. MFL has been operative in NYCs major hospitals, has a stellar medical advisory council, and has published research on its effectiveness.  Dr. Eddy's specialized expertise in cancer recovery and MFL's Dance to Recovery DVD have been featured on NPR, CNN, NBC Today, NY1 and CBS news.