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Neuro-Developmental Movement with Dr. Martha Eddy & Dana Davison

​​Saturday–Sunday, July 8-9, 2017, ​10am – 5pm
@Montclair State University (20-min bus ride from NYC)

​Go back to the beginning, from cells to pre-birth, with a basic introduction to embryology from a Body-Mind Centering® perspective, to our earliest memories of our very creation, and see how it informs our movement patterns today. Move from newborn to one-year-old patterns, experiencing the relational cycle of yield, push, reach and pull, as well as the Series One developmental movement exercises, also from the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Practice adult forms through limb relationships and integration, bringing Bartenieff back into the mix, as we practice and apply these teachings to MFL.

Pedagogy Workshop with Dr. Martha Eddy & Dana Davison

Wednesday–Saturday, July 12-15, 2017, 10am – 5pm

@ Montclair State University (20 min bus ride from NYC)

Ready to apply your dance expertise and somatic training to the service of others? At this 4-day workshop, participants will:
  • Learn the unique Moving For Life choreography and the key scientific and somatic theories underlying it.
  • Practice how to adapt classes for different ages and health issues.
  • Gain more confidence in your teaching by enhancing your observation of students, your vocal cueing, musicality and voice modulation, ability to guide shifts in group mood, and more!
  • Participate with a lively cohort group of caring individuals and have fun!
Regular Pedagogy Workshop Tuition Payment Options
Group 1 Discount:  -$300
Certified BodyMind Centering Practioners (BMC)
Certified Movement Analysts (CMA)
Certified Teachers of Dance for Parkinson's
Group 1 Pedagogy Workshop Tuition Payment Options
Group 2 Discount:  –$700
​Certified BodyMind Dancing Teachers (BMD)
Certified Dynamic Embodiment Practitioners (DEP)
Montclair State University MFA students
​Moving On Center students
Group 2 Pedagogy Workshop Tuition Payment Options
Group 3 Discount:  –$1000
ONLY for individuals currently enrolled in Dr. Martha Eddy's 2017 BodyMind Dancing Certification Program AND who fit into one of the categories below:
  1. Certified Dynamic Embodiment Practitioners (DEP) with dance teaching experience
  2. Practitioners certified in BOTH BodyMind Centering (BMC) & Laban Movement Analysis (CMA) and who have dance teaching experience 
  3. Montclair State University MFA students​
Group 3 Pedagogy Workshop Tuition Payment Options